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Barbasol Heritage


For nearly 100 years, Barbasol has remained the American standard and tradition in shaving. Generations of men have trusted Barbasol to look and feel their best during life’s greatest moments. Today, Barbasol remains true to the principle of providing products at an honest quality that deliver a close, comfortable shave with every use.

Made in America


We are proud in the fact that 100% of the 10oz Barbasol Shaving Cream products are made in America! Barbasol believes in purchasing American made materials and equipment whenever they are available.

Our Mission

Perio's (parent company of Barbasol) main objective in doing business is customer satisfaction. This focus on customer service, combined with a sincere commitment to the values of quality and trust, create a second objective of company value.

Perio wants all stakeholders to sense an intrinsic value within the Company based upon this commitment to service, along with our resolve to sell and produce only the highest quality products, and the development of trust through a willingness to refuse short-term opportunities which threaten our integrity and long-term success.

Additionally, Employee fulfillment is critical both to the Company's success and to each individual's personal success. Perio wants to provide all Employees with a job and a company of which they can be most proud.

In conclusion, Perio expects to receive a healthy profit as long as it adheres to these major objectives. We believe that we are merely temporary stewards and that the resources of the Company belong to God. As such, our main vision is to support charitable organizations and specifically, those focused upon children.


Our History


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Barbasol Foundation

In line with the mission of Perio - the parent company of Barbasol and Pure Silk brands - the Barbasol Foundation was established in order to share the resources of the company with charitable causes. Supporting charitable organizations, specifically those focused upon children, is the main vision of Perio. It is our hope that this site provides everything you need to know about our charitable giving, particularly about our competitive grants application process.

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